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Web design

Website creation and redesign

A website that inspires credibility and steadiness will earn the trust of the visitors in the name of the company – we came to understand this 10 years ago and, since then, we strive to build websites that visitors will enjoy navigating.

What benefits will you have?

  • Support for 1 year after launching the new website
  • Good functioning warranty for 5 years after launching the new website
  • Custom design in order to reflect and consolidate the identity of your company
  • Strategic and persuasive presentation according to the needs and profile of your customers
  • Responsiveness (mobile-friendly)
  • Offer request system – “ask for an offer” buttons opening a form that you will receive via email
  • Button for calling directly from the website on the mobile version
  • Button for contacting via WhatsApp on the mobile version
  • Information update – products, services, customers, partners, certifications, achievements etc.
  • Multilingual versions
  • GDPR
  • Image optimization
  • Search Engine Optmization
  • Interactive photo galleries
  • Interactive Google Maps location
  • High loading speed
  • Social media integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • SSL certificate implementation in order to secure the connection to your website
  • Dashboard configuration for the easy management of the content

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Help your website come back to life!

A website which inspires credibility and steadiness will help you to negotiate from a better position with a potential customer or partner, when hiring a new professional or simply when a person will be searching for your company.


Our working procedure in stages is designed to ensure that 1) your new website will make you happy and also that 2) it requires a minimum input from you:

  1. Discussion in order to understand your business and the profile of your customers
  2. Design proposal according to the discussion
  3. Feedback regarding the design proposal
  4. Design optimization according to your feedback
  5. Content download
  6. Information for updating the content
  7. Content update and strategic placement within the pages
  8. Functions – “ask for an offer” buttons, Call button, WhatsApp button, social media buttons, Google Maps location
  9. GDPR implementation
  10. Search Engine Optimization
  11. Google Analytics integration
  12. SSL certificate implementation for securing the connection
  13. Dashboard configuration
  14. Feedback regarding the beta version of the new website
  15. Website optimization according to your feedback
  16. Launch of the new website
  17. Training for using the dashboard
  18. 1 year support for managing the website
  19. 5 year warranty for the proper functioning of the website

Although the basic functions of the dashboard are quite easy to use, some of its functions will require a bit of research and most of our partners don’t have the time for it. Furthermore, some of our partners are not able to obtain new information for updating the content of the old website until launching the new one, so it is our job to help them update the content when the new information will be available.

Regarding the 5 year warranty, we are believers in long-term relationships with our partners. That’s why we are their digital agency – whether it is about their website or about advertising them to other business with Just Leads, we are always there for them when needed.

Let’s say you want to make some new photos of your products/office/factory/warehouse/etc. or that you are waiting for some technical data sheets from your providers. In this case, we will download the content from the old website and update it when you will obtain the photos or data sheets, whether it is until launching the new website or even after launching it, during the free year of support.
The term of execution varies according to the complexity of the project, but the average is 35 working days. However, if you have an upcoming event or a deadline for a pitch, a project or an auction which requires your new website to be online, we can reduce the term to as little as 24 hours if, of course, you work closely with us for constant and fast feedback.

The new project will be adaptable for all devices (PC, phone, tablet), without affecting the main functions of the site in any way. In addition, the design will be just as good even on the phone, positively influencing visitors.

Yes, we are a long-distance partner. We have clients we have been collaborating with for even 10 years!

We are a digital agency with serious development plans; we pursue continuous growth by customer loyalty and gaining their long-term trust. We will constantly develop our business, using the latest technologies and approaches in the industry.

We will differentiate ourselves from the competition by seriousness, quality and by close collaboration with each client, thus understanding the needs of the business.

In addition, we want to earn your loyalty not only through the site, but also by offering a wide range of promotional services – lead generation or cold calling.

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