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Lead generation

Lead generation

We will be your sales department and will contact thousands of potential customers

If you wait for your customers to come through the door, you have already failed! The only powerful approach with visible results is direct marketing – you go to the customer to gain their attention and trust.

We contact thousands of potential customers daily through different email marketing strategies.

We have access to updated databases with over 100,000 active companies in Romania and access to updated databases with over 4,000,000 active companies in the European Union.

The methods used are 100% customized and in accordance with the GDPR regulation – addressed only to legal entities.

How will we work?

  • Together we design the offer you want to promote in front of potential customers (leads)
  • We build the optimal email and content that potential customers will receive
  • We create a database with the companies to which we will send the personalized email with the collaboration proposal
    - The database will be realized according to the criteria established by agreement, the companies being segmented by industries, turnover, cities or other criteria that you consider essential.
    - A database will contain the company name, official email, telephone, address, etc. in an Excel format.
  • We start the email sending campaign in an organized way:
    1. 500 emails sent daily to avoid spam (we will have an opening rate of over 30%)
    2. Each email will be customized and sent manually (we do not use MailChimp / SendBlaster software)
    3. We watch daily the evolution of the campaign
    4. You will have access to all the answers received and you will be able to manage how you want the emails received from the potential clients coming from the campaign
  • We send you a complete report with the results of the campaign and evaluate the results obtained

Examples of direct marketing campaigns:

1. Campaign for a Horeca furniture factory

The furniture factory had a large stock of chairs and had to find buyers as quickly as possible.

We decided to contact all the restaurants, cafes, pensions and hotels in Romania to present, in a personalized offer, the range of products from the factory stock. We collected the email addresses of these locations and contacted them personally in a few days. The results were visible very quickly, the client having calls from clients and requests from the first days.

2. Campaign for a factory of stainless steel accessories and hinges

The factory wanted to find potential partners to establish new collaboration contracts. We decided to contact the companies that would need the products of the accessory factory such as furniture factories. We collected the email addresses of the Romanian furniture factories and sent them details about the accessory factory and the range of products available.

Request a campaign:

You will be contacted by telephone by a consultant to discuss specific details regarding the request.

Telephone information at +40752.140.922

What do you earn if you start today?


How long would it take for your in-house team to contact ~ 5000 potential customers or partners?

It is smart to outsource these activities to an agency that conducts such campaigns every day. Thus, with a single invoice, you earn 20 working days of at least 2 sales people.


Even if you already have contracts in place, you must always be looking for new partners and clients – competition expands every day, and “relaxation” can turn into a possible failure.

With a lead generation campaign you will increase sales visibly and organizedly.


How about over 10,000 business people / companies finding out about your brand in a month?

It’s simple! Those who are visible generally have a say. For nothing you are a professional and you have the latest equipment if nobody knows you exist.

Top companies are already using our solutions

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