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How we work

How we work?

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We analyze the current situation

Before we start, we analyze the situation of the current site and the online image of the brand. After this analysis, we find the things that need to be updated and build the plan for the new project.


First we think, then we work

We are preparing a brief with a series of ideas and examples suitable for the new project. We will discuss with the client on them to choose the most appropriate approach.


We are making the new concept

We will prepare the new graphic concept and the organization of the content for the new version. Everything has to turn out perfectly, so here we will dedicate the most time to have an exceptional result.


We discuss and implement any changes

The client is not always right, but we respect the suggestions we receive. Everyone knows their audience better and knows what can influence their purchasing decisions, so we pay attention to the feedback received.


We check and test the new website (desktop & mobile)

Always be testing! We don’t like unpleasant surprises, so we won’t do it to others. We are very attentive to the details regarding the appearance of a site, but also to the technical ones. The new site must work perfectly!


We launch the new website

After we have the client’s consent and the site is completed on our server, we will publish it online on the client’s hosting account. After the launch, we will follow its evolution and we will make tests and corrections.

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