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Are you looking for a digital agency with a 1-on-1 approach and business development knowledge which will offer you 1 year of support after launching the new website and a 5 year warranty?

Over 10 years’ experience and 500 launched projects recommend us

The cumulated revenues of the companies in our portfolio is over 450 Million Euros

How can Justpixel help your company

We provide tailored web design services and corporate lead generation / business development solutions that offer our partners outstanding returns on their investment, such as

Gaining more credibility through an enhanced online presentation. Your website is the image of your company. It is not only visited by existing or potential customers and partners, but also by persons from the public sector, by bloggers, journalists, employees, competitors and even your friends and acquaintances. You don’t want these people to form a not-so-good impression about your company because of your not-so-good website, do you?

Winning more customers. Most of our partners are interested in obtaining new business from the online. Therefore, we refined the user experience (UX) in order to guide the visitors to ask for an offer or even to call you or contact you directly on WhatsApp. We also maximize on our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) processes so that your new website will be better indexed by Google for the relevant keywords, thus generating more traffic (to be read as more potential customers) to your website.

International exposure. Why not taking advantage of the free movement of goods within the European Union single market? Do you want to target some particular markets and don’t know if it’s going to work? Find out without any risk by translating the content of your website (or a part of it), by making the multilingual version and, most importantly, by sending thousands and tens of thousands of emails to all your potential customers from that/those market(s) with the help of JustLeads (hyperlink).

Compliance with GDPR. Besides having a highly performing website, it is also important that it is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) so that you won’t throw away money on fines. Therefore, our lawyer will analyze your new website and will draft the necessary pages, respectively “Terms and conditions” and “Privacy policy”, and we will implement the cookie bar and the check for the contact forms.

Web combo

Website creation and redesign

If your website doesn’t represent your company anymore, is not optimized for mobile (responsive) or you simply are no longer happy with it, our designers will give your website a brand new look and our coders will make it a lot more interactive so that your customers will enjoy navigating your website and, perhaps even more important, that you will get more enquiries from your new website.

Just Leads

mail advertising

We have access to updated and very well organized worldwide corporate databases which allow us to develop highly efficient lead generation campaigns via email, according to the criteria established by you (country, region, city, industry/activities, date of establishment, revenue, profit, number of employees, risk status, management email address and/or telephone). You will see in real time how is the campaign going, including which recipients have opened the email, and you will get to discuss with all the potential customers that answer to the emails that we have sent.

Over 500 happy entrepreneurs

What do our partners say about us?



Over 500 projects launched for top companies

In 10 years of activity, we created new standards through our ideas and we contributed to the development of remarkable top companies

International Alexander Holding

Anul infiintarii: 2003

Cifra de afaceri (2018): 70 mil. €

Artego S.A.

Anul infiintarii: 1973

Cifra de afaceri (2018): 36 mil. €


Anul infiintarii: 2006

Cifra de afaceri (2018): 25 mil. €


Anul infiintarii: 1993

Cifra de afaceri (2018): 18 mil. €

POP Industry

Anul infiintarii: 1994

Cifra de afaceri (2018): 13 mil. €

Holder Trade

Anul infiintarii: 1995

Cifra de afaceri (2018): 10 mil. €

Help your presentation come back to life!

If you have a company in which you invest time, energy and money, then you should definitely have an exceptional website.

A website which inspires credibility and steadiness will help you to negotiate from a better position with a potential customer or partner, when hiring a new professional or simply when a person will be searching for your company.

Don’t know what to begin with?

Take advantage of our 1-on-1 approach, of our expertize and patience, in order to make sure that your new website will be exactly what you want and what you need.

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